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This past Monday during #Speakchat we enjoyed learning from Kelsey Ruger the “Power of Personas”, and how it benefits speakers in learning to use them in their business.  Many times when we are learning new information, it is critical for the person teaching us to reach the 3 part of our brains so that it is effective learning.  Kelsey is a master at that in his storytelling and his ability to brake down a topic to help us learn it well.

Monday’s Breakthrough Business Strategies radio show we will air our private interview with Kelsey Ruger on personas.  It is one of what looks like could be a very interesting series we offer you here on #BBSradio.


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What does it mean to reach the lizard, limbic and lobe (front) part of the brain in your business stories?


Knowing how to talk to each part of our brains.  Just like we have different segments in our business — entrepreneurs vs sales professionals have different needs in using social media.  I have to address their needs in their language to reach their lizard, limbic and lobe ( in the front) of their brains.

Here is how it would look:







The Brain Limbic System


Lizard Brain (brainstem) is that part that controls our survival instincts.

It is the core of our brains before they developed into what we have today.

We learned form a previous guest Mark Bowden that our lizard brain has four concerns…

  • Eat
  • Attack
  • Run Away
  • Mate

Which explains why we have those instant reactions to people.  Our lizard brain looks for cues to tell us if someone is a threat or friend.  Mark taught us to recognize where do we hold our hands when we are being introduced to an audience.

Are they open and waist height showing we have no weapons and are not in fight mode?

How are you crafting your story so you speak to each area of a person’s brain so they are connecting, following and believing you?

Boy, I can think of a lot of areas to go with in this conversation.  We will definitely make this a series because there is a lot for you to learn, absorb and follow up on this valuable topic.


Tune In Monday May 14th 12pm ET
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Social Media During Conferences – Who Wins

…is the featured segment on Monday May 14th’s show.  Michele will be sharing insights on how to use social media at conferences better, whether you are an exhibitor, speaker or attendee.

Come hear real results garnered for clients and her business at industry conferences that she had an audience and one she had NO audience in before she went.

  1. How Can Attendees Get More Value From Their Conferences
  2. Where Exhibitors are Leaving Connections & Dollars on Conference Floor
  3. Why Speakers Want to Integrate Effective Social Media Where They Speak


Savvy Breakthrough Productivity Tip

Stephanie Calahan our very own Breakthrough expert of being productive and organized is sharing:

9 Tips “Triple the Results You Get from Live Conferences”

Stephanie will share simple secrets that master networkers know and do before, during and after live conferences that get them consistent results every time.

Stephanie’s Bonus Tips http://www.productiveandorganized.net/tips.html

Speaking of conferences…have you heard of Affiliate Summit?

breakthrough business strategies radio ASC12

Michele is speaking at Affiliate Summit Central May 15-16-2012

…and she is talking with another speaker there David Favor learning what he will teach about in his session – Google Proof SEO Driving Clickless Direct Traffic, as well as the value he has gotten from attending Affiliate Summit.

If you have been wanting to learn more about how using affiliates or affiliate marketing can help your business grow, then you will want to tune in and discover the benefits.


Tune In Monday May 14th 12pm ET
Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio
Mobile Listeners 646-200-3742


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Here is last week’s Storify (<<<Click) by one of our loyal community members Donn King.  Enjoy what you might have missed last week, as I am gonna ask you when I get back – “How many of your put what you learned form Kelsey into action?”

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