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This past year when we had Sally Hogshead share the types of Fascination with us, it was a HUGE wake-up call for me as you host on Breakthrough Business Strategies radio.  I was given the gift of recognizing with every fiber of my being, that I am strong in the quality of Rebellion.

Now when I grew up, Rebels were not honored, appreciated, nor very well liked.  People like Sally and Guy are great examples of what happens when we are willing to stand in our space of being a Rebel.  To OWN it and allow it to bring out our unique brilliance for the world.


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That is why we are having a SPECIAL EDITION of Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio.  To shake it up a bit, come at you on a different day and with a spectacular guest to talk about something new innovative and a game changer in the publishing industry.

With author, speakers and business leaders alike watching what is happening in the world of publishing, it was refreshing to see Guy crowdsourcing in G+ his next book A.P.E.  Today we will discuss with Guy and ask him what is he seeing as options for authors to gain a better foothold in getting their message out and monetized.

  • What has kept you from writing that first book?
  • How could a book catapult your brand and business in 2013?
  • What if you could publish in 6 weeks VS 1 year?
  • Where will you look to deliver your message to serve your audience this year?
  • Have you defined your book’s WHY?
  • What ways will you market your book and to whom?

Now, think about readers.  Is the delivery system for your books fulfilling today’s customers purchasing habits?  Guy will share great examples on how this one thing is stubbing the toe of many authors and publishers right now.




From Hawaii to Standford to Apple to Technology and Venture Capitalist to Enchanter — Guy has taken us all on a journey with him during his life as an outspoken voice for entrepreneurs.

Currently, he is a founding partner at Garage and co-founder of Alltop as well as a husband, father, author, speaker, and hockey addict. Alltop is an online magazine rack that I hope you’ll check out—you’ll probably enjoy Innovation.alltop, for example. I’ve also written ten books. My latest is Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. You can read about my other nine books here.

HERE is link to Guy’s crowdsourcing post on G+ for his next book A P E, Author Publisher Entrepreneur. <<<<<CLICK

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As we will be integrating your desire to know and understand with our interview with Guy.  Use Hashtag #BBSradio so we see you and you can be an organic part of the conversation.

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Author Publisher Entrepreneur A.P.E.Author Publisher Entrepreneur

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