HOLY Kow! OOPS wrong genius! OUCH Blistering Success is coming to Breakthrough Business Strategies Monday, November 1, 2009(CLICK HERE to go to radio broadcast-on Nov 1)

This Video reminds me of one of the things about Dean Hunt that makes him unique and WHY you want to listen to his sage advice. He lives life on his terms and fully each and everyday.  Look at how successful it has allowed him to BE.  When will you give that gift to YOU?

Now, let’s talk about how to BE extraordinary.

Buzz Marketing Services Dean Hunt

Buzz Marketing Services Dean Hunt

How many times have you thought someone was different-meaning better than you because of circumstances or even results you saw them accomplish?  Dean is a very original thinker and you can be too. JOIN us today on the radio show and learn how you can BE WHO you need to BE to get the results you desire.

Who is Dean Hunt and Ciaran Doyle are two wild, wacky and effective personalities online who are getting results by BEing themselves.  Today, we talk about how they have created MASSIVE viewers, listeners and profits putting this “BEing WHO you need to BE to generate RESULTS!

  • *Are you pissed off and tired of working so darn hard
  • *Do you think you have what it takes to make a success of your business
  • *Are you just looking for some simple steps to help you implement your ideas

Guess what?  It is in you right now.  Come listen with me as I talk with Dean Hunt and Ciaran Doyle how they create their “Extraordinariness” AND you can too! ( hey who really wants to read proper sentence structure, it is not how my brain thinks) You want to subscribe to their podcast Blistering Success

Dean and Ciaran interview (after you watch here go leave them a comment) my fav buddy Gary Vaynerchuk as we all love his energy, style and new book Crush It!

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Bruce Soileau Word Press-Consultant-Dallas

Bruce Soileau Word Press-Consultant-Dallas

Remember to go to the resource page Bruce gives us every week for your Word Press tips.  Take just one and focus on it until you master it and you will see phenomenal results.  Hire Bruce, he will make sure you have the best theme and plugins for your business.

Now, you have listened and learned.  Let’s get you set up with a series of Success Mindset sessions, email me and we will start you with a complimentary strategy session-email me

  • You want to have a better year for 2010
  • You are amazing, let’s set you up for that Success
  • You are ready to breakthrough those limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Together is how we create success for everyone.  It is a collaborative job.  You down with that? Good, now let’s get started already-SHAZAM!

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