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What does Forrest Gump, Harvard Business Review,

and Dr. Seuss have in common?


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They provide us with lessons on digital leadership practices.

Digital leaders are made, not born – you have it within you to become an effective digital leader.  As a leader in the digital age, your reach is boundless.  With advanced technologies, you can exert more direct and individual influence than ever before–anywhere at any time.  And everything you do, fail to do and wish you didn’t do is documented forever in the digital universe.

Monday March 26th we will explain how to take full advantage of everything the digital age has to offer, while avoiding the common pitfalls that can damage you “digital legacy.”

Erik will answer our questions and he will help us understand how his STAMP thinking, gives us five powerful truths we can use to establish our leadership in this space.  Being able to harness information and forge trusted relationships has become both harder & simpler–yes that dynamic trips many of us up, in this new dance we are learning in our business and personal worlds.


Monday March 26th 12pm ET

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Breakthrough Business Strategies radio

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You will want to make these interview

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Because you get the equivalent of a consult and coaching session


That means each week Breakthrough Business Strategies radio delivers you value of $250.00 to $1,000 depending on the guest’s hourly rate.  And many of them do not take one off clients, so now you are getting access to their knowledge that would normally be unavailable to you.


Nimble Breakthrough Business Strategies radio


Breakthrough Technology Tips

Spotlighting Jon Ferrara CEO of Nimble vision for CRM today is combining the ability to communicate and collaborate, to listen and engage, transforms a business.

Come learn and discover what social CRM Nimble offers you to take away of some of the stress of being able to keep track of your communications and actions.


Some reasons to choose Nimble we will ask about are:


  • Your Networks, All in One Place
  • Smart & Magical ( Who does not like magical)
  • More Revenue in Less Time
  • Nimble Integration

Monday March 26th 12pm ET

Mobile listeners call 646-200-3742

Breakthrough Business Strategies radio

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The Digital Leader Breakthrough BusinessDigital Dale Carnegie of Social Media

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The Digital Leader







relationship marketing game changer speaker

Michele Price Social Mindset Strategist

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Speak Chat


Social Media For Smart People


breakthrough business strategies radio jon ferraraJon Ferrara Creator Nimble Social CRM

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Go for No Author

Andrea Waltz Go For No

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2 Things Close More Sales



Monday March 26th 12pm ET

Mobile listeners call 646-200-3742

Breakthrough Business Strategies radio

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Michele Price is a high energy, straight talking speaker, radio host and media/publicity/marketing strategist for small business/authors/speakers.  As the voice of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio,  Michele created a communication hub for businesses globally.  She is the founder of #Speakchat a social media chat for the speaker/author community. Hire Michele to speak to your organization on where and why online media communications drives your business recognition, as well as sales in your business today.



Monday Mar 26th 9pm ET

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Our Purpose:

Creating a community of individuals and companies who revolve around the professional speaking industry.

You are welcome if you are a speaker, event planner, speaker bureau, publishers, conferences,  vendors of the industry i.e. video, sound, product productions…the list is rather long which is what will make this an exciting chat.

Our goal is to have weekly topics that share and expand all of our knowledge, connections and of course businesses.


Mon 9pm ET

Topics requested for  in 2012:

  • Story telling skills
  • Platform speaking skills
  • Marketing materials
  • How to use social media effectively for speakers
  • How to book more business

What will you tweet using hashtag #Speakchat and ask us to include here?

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