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Retention is the New Acquisition


  • Could you have it all wrong about how to be filling your funnel?
  • Have you been taught to go out and cold call, network and hustle to grow your sales and business?
  • Is all of your money going to wooing strangers to your brand and your company?

Then you want to listen to day as Joseph Jaffe has evidence we have been doing it all wrong and has the proof to back it up.

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Everyone is looking at how they can get started on the right foot, recover from hard fall or grow their business to the next level. It is time for us to learn how to flip the funnel and boos tour bottom line as well as serve our customers in ways that gives them an income boost as well.

Come listen as we discuss :

  • Theory Behind Flipping the Funnel
  • What the Recession Taught Us
  • How to Spurn the Churn
  • Time to Flip the Funnel
  • Transforming Mouths into Megaphones

Get ready for a 180 on everything you thought you knew about marketing.  Looking at how you spend your time and money on customer acquisition.  Joseph is a master at taking these sacred cows we have in our business practice and bringing you a radically different common sense look at the customer experience for your key to business success.



  1. Have you ever wondered why the new customer gets all the best deals?
  2. Have you ever been insulted to find a brand new customer getting the rewards that you as the loyal customer should be receiving?
  3. When was the last time you were able to keep up with the hoops that many loyalty programs required to get your reward?

Our Breakthrough Business tip today is sponsored by Rob Cairns our technology expert and today he will be talk about why you want to use google alerts for your business.


Listen to internet radio with Breakthroughbusiness on Blog Talk Radio



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Women In Business Radio

Women In Business Radio was birthed from the need to see more successful, everyday women in business receive the spotlight for their contribution to our economy.

This week we are talking with Stephanie Diamond, author of Prezi for Dummies

When creating presentations the day of Power Point is DEAD.  If you have not heard about, seen or tired Prezi you will want to make sure you tune in for this segment.  Being able to create visuals to communicate your message is critical today.

Women in Business Radio is the communication Hub for Women in Business all across the USA for the forgotten women in business today.

Not everyone will make the front page of Fast Company or Forbes top 100 list. Yet, women owned businesses are still the back bone of our economy here in the USA. Women In Business Radio is here to empower and give women in business a place to grow their reputation as well as awareness of other women they can connect with growing a stronger network.

This week we will be spotlighting Stephanie Diamond, she authored the book Prezi for Dummies and works with clients to help them create digital solutions and design.  She has worked for AOL and what you want to do to drive customers and sales for your online commerce.

Here is the logo that was voted best choice for Women In Business Radio

Women in Business Radio

Listening to women all year at conferences, networking events and during one on ones a consistent message came through loud and clear…women want a way to have their own “Good Ole Gal Network” they can rely on to grow their businesses through WOM (word of mouth) relationship building networks.

When was the last time you thought about collaborating with another woman

in business for your team?

Join us at Women In Business Radio


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