FTC Warns Fess Up Or Pay Up-Disclosing Affiliate Links

Brian Clark-Copy Blogger

Brian Clark-Copy Blogger

Reading Brian Clark’s (@copyblogger-follow him on twitter he is awesome smart) Blog on same topic (go read it) had me thinking that is what a successful entrepreneur does…find a way to turn what some would perceive as a problem into a selling point.

I have to say I really thought every one was more savvy than to assume they did not know when we recommend something-whether it be a program, product or book that it was an affiliate link.

You ask, Michele why would you think that?

Pretty fricking simple to me, the Easter Bunny does not pay my bills, does he pay yours? ROFLMAO (for those who keep asking this is “rolling on floor laughing my a%% off”

Chris Brogan Audacity of Free

Chris Brogan Audacity of Free

Another mentor I follow his success path is Chris Brogan and his blog post on The Audacity of FREE! states and compliments this very topic all too well.  What world do you live in that you think that valuable information that grows your business should be FREE?

It is this very thinking that has the economy wrapped up in it’s own constipated mess, where folks are complaining they do not have money to pay for programs, products and books.

WHY, because if we give it to you for FREE- where do we get the same money to pay for your services and products?  This mindset is messing with the FLOW of money in our economy.

Yes, you know I will be making a Mindset-Tapping post on this for for sure. (check out ThebreakthroughSpecialist.com)

I LOVE finding you powerful guests each week that help grow your skills and mindset for your business.  Many people have NO IDEA how much time putting on this radio show takes and there is NO SHAME in offering solutions to the very problems you ask for answers to here that benefit both the “Guest and your truly”.

You are not paying any more for these solutions than if you went directly to the person being Interviewed.  As a matter of fact because you are my listener and I ASK, they almost always give you a discount or add value that you would not have received otherwise.  So, I ask you very frankly and with the up-most respect:

DO you take advantage of this radio show then instead of purchase through the link guest has offered here go straight to their site or amazon and purchase there? WHY?

I will propose this is a far deeper topic than you thought originally because I am about to lay something very crystal clear on you…READY

Lack Prosperity Consciousness

Lack Prosperity Consciousness

You have a lack-prosperity consciousness.

The first thing to releasing a limiting belief is to identify it & recognize it.  This is a whole post in it’s own and I promise I will write it, make an audio and give you fabulous tapping sequences to start cleaning this up.

I have made a comittment this year to “Say It Outloud” so that we all as a tribe-collective-community have opportunity to heal and grow in our abundance mindset together.

Yes, I take responsibility and do my own work and that is key for you too. Stay tuned you are gonna love the radio shows this fall.  Oh, and I will have affiliate links here so that doing this radio show pays for itself (sooner or later).  Thanks for supporting all the work that goes into bringing it to LIFE!

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