How Are You Spilling Your Blessings On The Ground?

Did you just spill your water on the ground then turn and ask yourself…

Why are my blessings not being fulfilled?


June 16, 2011 I wrote a piece called , 12 Most Common Mistake Women Make in Business.  It was a heartfelt piece to hold accountable and inspire myself, as well as my sisters in business.

How is #11 Water Bearer creating a learning opportunity for you and me?


Let’s review what I said on #11

How many times have we heard the old lesson…
Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others.

Are you walking around filling up everyone else’s cup and being a water bearer?

It sounds like this:

“I love giving to others it is my calling”
“It is better to give than receive”
“I do not need much and they have much less than me”

(giving everyone else sustenance)

If you are not allowing yourself to truly receive, you are cheating the other giver (other than you) of receiving the blessing you enjoy so much.

Being able to listen to women in business every week share their stories of what they have learned about themselves.  How they would use that knowledge to improve their business as well as share with other women to learn from their journey.

After looking at all these pieces of how we as women in business can stub our toe and skin our shins we have a choice.

Now What?


Today I catch myself needing to recreate my own narrative around receiving.

This process allowed me to come up with some good questions I wanted to share with you:

  • Who am I allowing myself to BE today by opening my arms to receive with gratitude?
  • How wonderful would it feel to be enjoying being filled up FIRST, savoring each and every drop?
  • What energies do I shift when I am willing to receive FREELY?
  • What will change in this world by women like me, who activate our hearts with a willingness to receive, enjoy and expand?


One thing I am noticing as I journey through my own authentic leadership development, asking much better questions allows me to focus on results in a much more intentional way with a stream of clarity.


My share today with you is, notice what words are naturally coming out of your mind and your mouth when creating your questions.

Are they filled with proclamations like this:

  1. I want to be that kind of woman but it seems……..
  2. How can I receive when so many are wanting……..
  3. The Mother in me will not let a child go without…….
  4. If I take the blessing first it look selfish…….

Let’s look at each of these statements and see where the lesson is in them.


I want to be that kind of woman but it seems — starting off a proclamation with doubt only leads to growing more doubt.  I get it if you have doubt.  You also have the ability and the power to restate that desire so that it fulfills the result you are committed to creating.  Which do you want to create?

A “Doubt” ridden woman or a women who’s arms are open to receiving her blessings with gratitude?

State it, claim it and enjoy it!

How can I receive when so many are wanting — when have you ever seen prosperity or abundance flow from a hollow vessel?  Do fruits and vegetables come from a garden of weeds and parched dirt?  Cultivating your own garden so you are growing what you need and others want, is the way to nourish yourself, so that you can teach  it from experience and wisdom.

Use that desire to help others by being willing to feed you, in order to BE the embodiment of blessings.  Showing how blessings grow from a place of abundance and created by creating source.

If you are not good enough to savor the blessings first, what message are you delivering to the next person?  Be delivering a message of, this fruit is good for your spirit, as well as your physical being, join me?

State it, claim it, enjoy it!

The Mother in me will not let a child go withoutthis is exactly why your example if so powerful.  Being able to take what is there in the moment and show my children how they too can find both spiritual and physical nourishment by being willing to receive is the key to many doors in our current world.

Are you asking for a blessing, yet keeping the door locked so that blessings cannot come in your storehouse?

A lesson put so well by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith reminds me weekly, “You cannot not give, what you do not already have.”  Be willing to HAVE, to RECEIVE,  so that you can be the light that guides yours and  other’s children down the path that helps them to BE the people who will commit to the change we need in our world.

State it, claim it, enjoy it!

If I take the blessing first, it look selfish — How is that word selfish ruling your life?  What if you operated out of recognizing that to be able to be of help to either family, friends, or clients, you first have to have something to offer.  If your vessel is empty how helpful can you be?

What is under the surface of selfishness is resentment.  We have all experienced it.  We give thinking we are being selfless and there is a sneaky agenda underneath, that wants to have our needs met.  When they are not we become resentful.

A way to short circuit this unnecessary drama is to met your own needs.  Here is where being selfish serves you and every one around you.  Because now you are responsible for your needs FIRST.

What would change today by allowing myself to fill up first?

State it, claim it, enjoy it!


How have you change your own narratives so that they support you?

What do you notice is the lesson for you in #11?


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  1. Michele
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 21:35:58

    Thanks for sharing your own insights. The journey of self discovery is profound and affects who we bring into our businesses.

  2. Danielle Ricks
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 19:44:22

    Great post and dialogue. I have been on my journey for a while and I’m finally confrotable with what I give, recieve, and share. This topic is very thought provoking for all so many who “need to met their own needs.” Thanks for sharing!

  3. Michele Price (@prosperitygal)
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 14:41:28

    Would you participate in a forum where women can discuss , learn and grow with these opportunities in our lives?

    How about some dialogue here?

  4. Alan Berkson
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 07:04:14

    “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.” That one resonates with me. I was raised by the example of doing for others. Trying to find the balance between giving too much and feeling selfish is a constant challenge.

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