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Becoming a success starts from creating small wins over and over.  One of my favorite examples and mentors for creating success — Tony Robbins,  has given away more educational content than many charge for in their programs.  This model gives you enough to make a significant shift, so you are able to make a massive enough change, even if you do not have the money to take his programs — right now.

One of the ways Tony helps us to reinforce our commitment to be what we need to be in order for our goals to manifest is daily rituals.  Being able to create the small wins that build our “Win Muscles” is daily rituals.

I recently asked myself, when you were in shape Michele, what were you doing differently?  I was getting up and the first thing I was putting on my roller blades and skating.  I didn’t even brush my teeth or wash my face, I literally put on clothes pulled my hair back and strapped on my skates before I could talk myself out of it every morning.

Now, since I do not own my own home anymore and have a place that is conducive to skating every morning,  I have gotten fat.  I lost my number 1 ritual that kept me in shape.


Where have you tripped yourself from winning daily?

Let’s look at how we can create small incremental daily wins.  This helps us to gain momentum.  I know when I have momentum I am a force to be reckoned with in any area of my life.

Where Do You Have an Opportunity to Create Winning Rituals?


Listen to Tony, then take that coffee break you take daily ( um seeing a pattern here?) and

write out ONE new empowering daily ritual you can start with TODAY.


If you leave a comment here and tell us what is your ritual and leave your twitter handle, I will tweet with you DAILY until you have created enough momentum you move into creating TWO daily rituals.


How Are You Willing To Show Up For Yourself?


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