How Super Charging Your Energy & Vitality Increase Your Profits


New Year's 2010

New Year's 2010


You have celebrated the end of 2009, some of you said “Good Riddance” others said …
“YES, a new year to look forward to a better life in 2010″.  Either way I would ask you to ask yourself even if you create the best laid marketing plan and sales blueprint with all your goals broken down in monthly and daily segments…how well will you perform these tasks and responsibilities if you are tired, sick and lack the energy to be charged every day?


Speak no Evil

Speak no Evil


Are you LIE-ING to yourself?  No one is listening answer honestly.

Has that strategy worked for you? giggle, ok then go listen, go on click the link to the radio show.

Come listen to what Rich and I talk about concerning your vitality and energy and what we have learned.  his is not a note talking call like others, this is an easy listen, tune in and add it to your day while you write, tweet or work on your yearly goals.  It will spark thoughts, Ideas and questions that will enhance what youa re doing today I PROMISE!


Here is what I see over and over again. (Yes, I have been guilty too, that’s how I know important this is for you)

People tell themselves I am doing everything I can…

when in fact they are making it harder on themselves

Are you doing this? be honest!

Michele what do you mean?  Simple, we say our health is important to us yet we neglect it more than anything else in our personal worlds. (now, there are a few of you that do not so I am not talking to you)  The rest of you listen up!  How can you tell if you are putting your health first I ASK?





Ok then you tell me if you are doing this daily:

  • Meditating
  • Eating 50% or more of your foods RAW
  • Eating 50% or more of your daily food FRESH fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking 10+ glasses of water a day
  • Exercising 30 minutes a day
  • Sleeping 7+ hours a night (I do not buy you only need 3-4 hours sleep)

Now, once we look at that my next question is do you wake up excited to start the day?

Do you have sustained energy throughout the day including between 2-3pm?

When you get home do you have a surge of energy that allows you to be FRESH with your family?

Ok, ok, enough hitting home with the pain.

Rich and I are dedicated to seeing and helping people get on track with their healthy, energy and vitality.  WHY you ask?

Because when you are full of energy you have more to offer and the vibration of all of us-yes that interconnectedness they talk about raises.

So I will talk about this form a totally selfish perspective.

If you say you want to help others then commit to helping yourself first so you have something to offer. POINT BLANK

Now, your first desire will be to point others who are not perfect in health.  WARNING that’s your ego taking attention off your commitment and using others as a scape goat.

Nice try, how do I know all this?  Again, I always teach what I know, giggle.


Handcuffed to Problems

Handcuffed to Problems


“I invite you to stop binding yourself, cause this is what you look like trying to win the game of life in handcuffs.”

Rich German is a friend, colleague and lifestyle coach that teaches how to live the life of your dreams.  Does that feel friviolous to you?  I have heard some say that.  Here is my response…when you communicate, operate and participate out of fear you get doo-doo.

Is that the result you are going for?

Those of you who resonate with what Rich and I are talking about have recognized that we are in a time in history where the more of us that SEE, take responsibility to step up our game and then turn around and bring others along with us KNOW this is what we are suppose to be doing in today’s so called economy.


  • Business has changed for a reason-It was BROKE
  • Marketing has changed for a reason-It was BROKE
  • Our hearts are dissatisfied for a reason- We are living like we are BROKE-We needed to grow and let go of what does not serve our heart, bodies and spirits.

Rich and I take similar paths and yet do what we do differently.  You will see people who takes similar paths as you and I hear you say things like “Well, someone is already doing that, no need for me to throw my hat in the ring”  NOT TRUE!

2010 is a year of cooperation and collaboration.

It is a year where we can learn that people’s differences have a lesson for us, embrace them.


Rich German True Wealth

Rich German True Wealth


If someone talks about health and how you can improve your vitality by learning to apply daily practices and you are not doing that-try it!  What have you got to lose you are not getting the results you want doing it the way you are doing it now.

Rich is offering a FREE teleclass on

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Are you ready for better and more sustainable results in 2010?  Good, join me and Rich by taking charge of your vitality today.

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