Mom Incorporated with Aliza Sherman – Danielle Smith #BBSradio

There Must Be Something More?


Something That Just Belongs to You

There is and you can find out how to discover and

uncover for yourself in Mom Incorporated.

Too much Theory, Not Enough How To…

This is what I hear from mothers when speaking at conferences, as they are looking for solutions in their businesses.

They want more, they want to enjoy a business that supports their desire to accommodate what ever phase their children are in and satisfy their needs too.

Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith have created a trusty handbook for you to identify where you are and what are you options with examples and worksheets along with their advice, helping you find answers to meet your individual needs.

This interview will dive deeper into

  1. their story
  2. their motivation
  3. their results

You will take away from this conversation ideas: where you are stuck, how to use questions to guide you, what others have done to help you find your own custom solutions.  You will learn how this book was the result of Aliza and Danielle wanting to be able to answer the same questions from Mothers all over – once and serve a their trusty handbook when done reading.

Mon Dec. 26th 12pm ET

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