Power of Influence at Industry Conferences #CONV12

An interesting highlight popped up last night looking at hashtag analytics via @hashtracking.  Covering Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 in Houston, I wanted to see how does this every busy conversation via #CONV12 stacked up to our #Speakchat community conversation that happens in an hour.


24 hours VS 1 hour Hashtag conversation


Convergence 2012     #CONV12

microsoft convergence houston 20121,500 tweets generated just under 5 million impressions and

reaching just under 1 million followers in a 24hour period.


#Speakchat 3-19-2012

speakchat stats during convergence


#Speakchat happens for 1 hour face paced they had only 395 tweets and

made over 4.5 Million impressions with reaching pver 1/2 million followers.

( with few tweets sharing framing post ahead of chat)

What is the difference?

Simple #Speakchat had an influencer involved.  This is the power of expanding your brand voice and message when working with an influencer.

Next we will discuss HOW to reach out to Influencers-making sure you do not stub your toes in that process.  Until next time – ask yourself how can you build your brand’s audience more effectively?



Michele Price is a high energy, straight talking speaker, radio host and media/publicity/marketing strategist for small business/authors/speakers. As the voice of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio, Michele created a communication hub for businesses globally. She is the founder of #Speakchat a social media chat for the speaker/author community. Hire Michele to speak to your organization on where and why online communications drives your business recognition, as well as sales in your business today.

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