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Delivering Around-the-Corner Thinking

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Breakthrough Radio Master the Inner & Outer Game of Business

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Mastering the Inner and Outer

Game of Business


Two Topics

Infinite Results


Your Inner Game – Business Success Mindset

Your Outer Game – Tools, Techniques & Strategies



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Each week we will share with you a business lesson, tip, and solid advice. We have discussed on #BBSradio, where big business has stumbled because being agile has become the rudder for gaining and retaining today’s customers.

In an effort to equip listeners of BREAKTHROUGH radio, we deliver content weekly to help you wisely guide your own business.  Customers now demand accountability from the companies they do business with and are holding those same company leaders to a new level of scrutiny and accountability, “To Do Right.” Breakthrough radio gives you the agility to not make the same mistakes as traditional business. Focusing on your business’ purpose will drive your growth and profitability no matter the size of your company.

  • It will keep you focused
  • It will redirect you when you get overwhelmed
  • It will show you a clear path 
  • It will open up doors for your team or employees to explode your efficiency and income

Whether it is your thinking in sales, strategy, influence, or how to stay on course and focused, Breakthrough radio delivers you solid actionable content weekly.


Leverage  How are you leveraging this high valued and impactful content delivered from Breakthrough Radio each week?

  1. You can Listen LIVE
  2. You can Listen when driving
  3. You can Listen when working
  4. You can Listen on a plane
  5. You can Listen on a train ( for those of you with mass transit)


Profit What matters is you care enough to commit to you and your business this year by listening, then putting what we teach you each week for FREE into action. Each week our team asks you how you will put into action what they share, teach, and coach you LIVE on #BBSradio for free?



google business blogs“I’ve been interviewed many times, but the conversation with Michele was a great experience from beginning to end. Like any great interviewer, she was well prepared, but delighted to go off on tangents and explore an interesting idea. Her sense of humor is an asset and goes perfectly with her ability to tease out the real insights. I recommend her as an interviewer for any setting.” Andy Crestodina – Orbit Media Studios




#BBSradio Topics and Team  We strategically sourced for you topic experts that deliver solid, actionable and result-driven advice each week. Discover who makes up the #BBSradio team, along with their segments. We cover:

    • Sales
    • Business Optimization
    • Leadership
    • Digital Media Marketing
    • Influence Marketing
    • Building Business Audiences
    • Change/Success Mindset-Thinking
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Technology Tools
    • Media Training

Request Topics or Guests

Do you have a topic or guest you would like us to bring on BREAKTHROUGH radio? Then certainly give us a heads up here on our request form.

Do Business With Our Listeners We bring together a solid business listening audience from around the world. When you want to do business internationally, as well as nationally, regionally or locally; Breakthrough radio helps you to reach a “Business Audience.” Talk to us and let’s explore which of our segments fits your brands promise the best. That way we can help position you to a niche listening audience that will learn about your brand in ways they find helpful and valuable. Here are some of our listener’s stats.

We deliver more than advertising to a business audience, we help you create digital assets that serve as a sales team 24/7

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Media Kit for Breakthrough Radio

#BBSradio is the first radio show to use Readz to deliver their media kit. This medium allows you to view our media kit with ease whether you are on a mobile device or a laptop. 

Go here to request a copy of our media kit


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