Risk Management or Innovation Management-Which Will Grow Your Business? #BBSradio

To Risk or To Innovate, That is the Question


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How can you truly grow your business if you stand in “Risk Management?”

It reminds me of when I see couples that focus on their conflict in their relationships VS being willing to explore where they can create new experiences together.  Last August we talked with Nicholas Webb and learned about great case studies who have done just that in the digital realm. Innovate. They made mistakes, they had great successes and they were willing to show us their experience.

How many have take action since that show?

Since we love going deep into a topic so you get really good, meaty, actionable learning-we will focus on RealOpen Innovation today.  This is one of the best chapters in the book The Digital Innovation Playbook by Nicholas Webb.

Here are some of the questions we will dig into:


  • How to take pressure off FFE (Fuzzy front end) and NPD ( New product development) in filtering against real time innovation platform
  • Why focusing on risk is recipe for disaster
  • What does it mean to deliver Innovation ( you might be surprised)
  • Where to get past using a catchy phrase “Innovation” VS delivering the real-deal
  • Is there a difference between filtering and evaluating?


Grab your copy and dig in to your innovation!

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Michele Price is a high energy, straight talking speaker, radio host and media/publicity/marketing strategist for small business/authors/speakers.  As the voice of Women in Business and Breakthrough Business Strategies radio,  Michele created a communication hub for businesses globally.  She is the founder of #Speakchat a social media chat for the speaker/author community. Hire Michele to speak to your organization on where and why online communications drives your business recognition, as well as sales in your business today.



Monday Feb 27th 9pm ET

Michael Weiss, creator of  “How to Pitch”

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Our Purpose:

Creating a community of individuals and companies who revolve around the professional speaking industry.

You are welcome if you are a speaker, event planner, speaker bureau, publishers, conferences,  vendors of the industry i.e. video, sound, product productions…the list is rather long which is what will make this an exciting chat.

Our goal is to have weekly topics that share and expand all of our knowledge, connections and of course businesses.


Mon 9pm ET

Topics requested for  in 2012:

  • Story telling skills
  • Platform speaking skills
  • Marketing materials
  • How to use social media effectively for speakers
  • How to book more business

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