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That is not a strategy and frankly it does not work for medium and enterprise sized business either.  It is #1 on our list of Social Media Myths.  We have decided to bring you today a dialogue between the three of us; Michele Price, Don Cooper and Andrea Waltz for the purpose of giving a balanced  conversation to the soloprenuer and small business about social media.


Monday August 13th 12pm ET
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Social Media is the Same for Everybody

What works for one business, does not equal success for another when it comes to stepping into the social media ring.  Too many times businesses get caught up with the bright shiny objects, the tools, even the platforms without ever asking the foundational questions to start.

Today we will be answering questions like:

  • What are the biggest myths in social media?
  • Are there industries that are not suitable for participating in social media?
  • Why are there so many mistakes being made by soloprenuers and smaller companies?
  • Are there commonalities from traditional to social media?
  • Where are the common fears amplifying their concerns for becoming active in social media?
  • How to identify the best questions to ask when determining how to step into social media?
  • What do you need to know to make an informed and educated decision to integrate social media?


Common Myths Discussed


Classic myths in social media


Like fairy tales, there is some truth inside every story.  Today we will be opening the book to separate the myth from reality.

Social media is for…

  • Marketing to consumers only
  • Small businesses are at a disadvantage to big brands
  • You can go viral with Social Media
  • Time consuming
  • Opens small business to a new can of worms
  • One voice only – limit employees or beware
  • Social media is your silver bullet to sales

Monday August 13th 12pm ET
Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio <<<CLICK to listen
Mobile listeners 646-200-3742

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Monday August 13th 12pm ET
Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio <<<CLICK to listen
Mobile listeners 646-200-3742

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6 Myths to Social Media for Soloprenuers & Small Business


No Need to Feel Social Media is the Weight of the World


Webinar August 28th Tues.
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Stephanie Calahan our productivity expert is sharing her knowledge on hiring VA’s and how to outsource tasks – to make you more productive and leverage your incoming producing activities better.

Learn how to hire with confidence - If you are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant but you are not sure where to start then this is the resource for you.  My friend and colleague Marcia Hoeck created an awesome program to help you learn how to hire the RIGHT VA for you.

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How to have your presentation mezmorizingSpeakchat

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You are welcome if you are a speaker, event planner, speaker bureau, publishers, conferences,  vendors of the industry i.e. video, sound, product productions…the list is rather long which is what will make this an exciting chat.

Our goal is to have weekly topics that share and expand all of our knowledge, connections and of course businesses.


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