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Twitter Today-Heshie Segal-JetNetting-Connection

Twitter Today is a tribal connecting place for “tweeps” (people on Twitter) to come learn, share and continue building their relationships they have started in Twitter.  Each Thursday at 10am EST we showcase Tweeps and give you a way to uncover more about: Who they are What they do What solutions they offer Who are(…)


Twitter Today-Brent Leary-Holly Powell-Vincent Hunt

Twitter Today is a tribal connecting place for users of Twitter=”tweeps” where you can come learn more about Twitter. This week we have Brent Leary co-founder of CRM Essentials LLC, he is a fantastic writer where he regularly contribute to the American Express Open Forum blog with new thought thinkers like Seth Godin and Guy(…)


Twitter Today-Jack Humphrey-Vincent Hunt-Jerilynne Knight

Twitter Today welcomes everyone to join us as we create a connecting place to bridge your tweeple from 140 characters to an established network. Each week we showcase people on Twitter and learn what has worked well for them in Twitter. Then we have someone with experience share with us their knowledge, whether it be(…)


Twitter Today-Felipe Coimbra-Simple Twitter Applications

Twitter Today brings you every week an opportunity to learn from a Twitter expert as well as build your social networking base.  This week February 26 at 10am EST 9am CST 8am MST 7am PST we will talk about some of the latest Twitter Applications. Our expert this week is Felipe Coimbra, from twtapps.  He(…)