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Have you ever asked yourself what separates you from successful business visionaries,

like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs?


  1. What if this talent of being able to see and anticipate what is coming next was learnable VS having to be born with with it, how could that change your business game?
  2. Who have you been inspired by and now want to learn how to duplicate their success?
  3. Is it possible that brain science can now help us use our own brains more effectively, if we only take the time to do it?




Ten Steps Ahead

Our featured guest today Erik Calonius shares with us his first hand experience of seeing how visionaries are capable of finding something that the rest of us have been missing.  learning how most visionaries have shared a willingness to suffer and struggle for their dreams.  Join us today as we listen to Erik give us an inside view on what he discovered as a journalist covering many of today’s visionaries and how combining it with brain technologies gives us all access to our own visionary minds.


Monday March 28, 2011

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Monday March 28 12pm ET

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