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How Do I Get the Energy I Need to Perform Each Day?


Do you feel like you have to balance on a mountain each day?

Performance is what separates successful entrepreneurs and businesses, what if you could learn a more efficient and effective way to enhance your daily performance?

  1. What are the role models you admire and emulate doing different than you?
  2. How does your personal resilience work for or against you right now?
  3. What if you were able to tap into your insights to help you in making better decisions?

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What the heck is Tao exercises and why will it help my business?

Simple Tao exercises are quite profound , even though they are also subtle. If you have ever studied Tai Chi, Quiong or even Aikido, you have experience moving chi.

The practice of Taoism, its more arcane aspects aside, essentially hinges around two main pillars: the establishment of an unassailably centred, balanced, adaptable, resilient and empowered state, and the development of chi.

Chi is psychoactive energy or vitality. By a combination of mental focus, breath and attuning to the intrinsic inner flow, you’ll be learning to activate chi.

Every business, business owner or entrepreneur needs strength and resilience today.  Come listen how you can learn those with the BareFoot Doctor.

What if you were pushing against your very own strength and did not know it?

Do you ever ask yourself, there has to be an easier way?

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up and finding new solutions?

You will enjoy this interview with Stephen Russell aka the Barefoot Doctor

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