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How Will Social Media & Facebook Make Me Money?


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This is a Common Mantra in Social Media


Is it preventing us from being able to see and find how we can do business inside of Facebook?

Are You Ready to Earn Big Business Profits on Facebook?

Brian Carter, author of The Like Economy will share with us some of his practical, specific, proven and revenue oriented methods for Facebook.


Monday July 2 12pm ET
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Translating Community Into Cash

  • We will discuss & learn how to identify our best Facebook profit opportunities.
  • Ask better questions to help you craft better Facebook Programs to reflect our unique offerings.
  • Using Facebook to supercharge your existing marketing programs.
  • How to repeal negative “Brand Bashers”


Brian Carter offers expert social media training to B2C and B2B  businesses of all sizes.  His online training course currently serves 5,500 participants.  He has been an internet marketing consultant and trainer for 11 years, providing search optimization, online advertising and social media services that have  often doubled and tripled clients’ online revenue.



(did I say BIG)

We will be having Google in the House

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Yup, someone form the google team will be here Monday as we bring you #BBSradio first LIVE Google Hangout streaming through to Youtube ( which means I have to do my hair and makeup UGH-so love radio none of the hassles of TV or Video).  Now, you know I love you all if I am willing to do my makeup and hair on a Monday morning snort!

We will be tweeting with our radio show hashtag #BBSradio the link before we go on air.


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That means each week Breakthrough Business Strategies radio delivers you value of $250.00 to $1,000.00depending on the guest’s hourly rate.  And many of them do not take one-off clients, so now you are getting access to their knowledge that would normally be unavailable to you.  Join us – ask those questions you want to know to move to the next level in your marketing — drive some good results — then tell us what you accomplished.


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Monday July 2nd 12pm ET
Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio <<<CLICK to listen
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Breakthrough Sales Tip from Don Cooper


The Sales Heretic ™ delivers us actionable sales techniques we can gain results from right after the  show.  We will learn…


“How to Stop Selling to the Wrong Prospects”

If your sales aren’t what you wish they were, odds are you’re wasting too much time and energy on the wrong prospects. Who exactly are the wrong prospects? And how can you make sure you’re not wasting your sales efforts on them?

Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™, will help you figure out if you’re chasing after the wrong prospects and show you how to focus on the right prospects instead!



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Michele Price Communication Strategist

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You Are Not Your Prospect


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The Like Economy


Monday July 2nd 12pm ET
Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio <<<CLICK to listen
Mobile listeners 646-200-3742



Monday July 2nd 9pm ET

Guest: G. Riley Mills

Topic: How to Captivate, Influence, and Communicate Better Using the Time Testing Methods of Professional Performers

Our Purpose:

Creating a community of individuals and businesses who revolve around the professional speaking industry.

You are welcome if you are a speaker, event planner, speaker bureau, publishers, conferences,  vendors of the industry i.e. video, sound, product productions…the list is rather long which is what will make this an exciting chat.

Our goal is to have weekly topics that share and expand all of our knowledge, connections and of course businesses.


Mon 9pm ET

Topics requested for  in 2012:

  • Story telling skills
  • Platform speaking skills
  • Marketing materials
  • How to use social media effectively for speakers
  • How to book more business

What will you tweet using hashtag #Speakchat and ask us to include here?



You can also find great resources, as well as hear and absorb FREE consulting and coaching each week on Breakthrough Business Strategiesradio, Mon 12pm ET.  Discussing topics, Digital Media, Sales, Marketing,Productivity, Success thinking, Tools-digital and offline, the things you need to know and use to be successful & profitable in business today.

Michele Price is a high energy, straight talking speaker, radio host and media/publicity/marketing strategist for small business/authors/speakers.  As the voice of Breakthrough Business Strategies radio,  Michele created a communication hub for businesses globally.  She is the founder of #Speakchat a social media chat for the speaker/author community. Hire Michele to speak to your organization on where and why online communications drives your business recognition, as well as sales in your business today.


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