The Secret Code of Success-Noah St. John-Breakthrough Business Strategies

The Secret Code of Success came from a man who had recognized that there were some unsaid things happening in the “Success Arena”.


Theh Secret Code to Success

Theh Secret Code to Success

Noah St John the co-author of The Great Little Book of Afformations first came on my radar screen back in 2006 as I was asking myself questions around why if the power of our thought was suppose to be so powerful that affirmations did not work 100% of the time.

So when a friend told me Noah St John had written another book The Secret Code of Success I knew I wanted to bring him on the show and share with listeners what else he had created that would be of benefit for their mindset education.

Realizing we had so many guests talking about web 2.0 which is one of the two anchors of information on Breakthrough Business Strategies, it was time to have more mindset guests weaved in our mix. (there is way to get first three chapters FREE keep reading)

Monday March 1, 2010 at 12pm ET we will discuss live several of these points and if you tweet your questions we will take those LIVE. Tweet @prosperitygal and we will ask your question.

Why so many people are going down the road of life with

“one foot on the brake”

* What “motivational” speakers DON’T want you to know
* A little assumption that’s costing you a fortune
* The #1 key to success that almost everyone ignores
* Why “affirmations” never work for most people (and what actually does)
* How to change your life doing something you’re already doing
* How to stop living with one foot on the brake — and much more…


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