Top 3 Reasons Life Is Too Short to Drink Bad Coffee

how good coffee is like good business


Do You Savor Your Daily Cup of Coffee


Today on Breakthrough Business Strategies radio it was my turn to deliver the Breakthrough Savvy tip.  Offering you reflective questions to help you gain clarity in how you are operating in your business — moving forwards or moving backwards.

In the quest to be serving our listeners each week, we bring a lot of success thinking – mindset to the table during the show.  Today as I prepared for my Breakthrough Savvy tip, I saw a tweet that summarized my thoughts and questions perfectly.  (Love it when the stars and moon lines up like that)


#1 Are You Trying to Make Multiple Blends of Coffee in One Pot?

STOP Trying to Do and BE Everything to Everyone

Who wants to drink a combination of Sumatra, Kona, French Roast and Decaffeinated, all in one pot of coffee?

It makes for a nasty cup of coffee.  Even I have fallen prey to this mistake in life and in business.

What I have learned to turn this vicious cycle into a focused stream of productive energy is simple.

It is necessary to make a choice.

Yup, you heard that one right.  Pick a lane as my friend @LoisCreamer says all the time.  Pick ONE thing to focus on and lay out your strategy to accomplish the results you want.  Then execute them one at a time and once a day if necessary, until you reach your goal.  It is the simple solution many refuse to believe works.

They say they want easy,  but scoff at the idea of simple.  “It can’t be that easy” and they go off to complicate their lives and businesses by throwing themselves into a vortex of confusion and complexity.

Pick ONE coffee, brew it and savor your results.


#2 What Qualities Do You Value In That Bean You Grind?

Question Your Assumptions

Ask the question – are the qualities of this bean what I want to taste?

All good coffee lovers know each bean brings it’s on nuances in your cup and across your tongue.

  1. Do you enjoy a strong acidic taste in your coffee?
  2. Do you prefer a mild smooth liquid to awaken you in early dawn?
  3. How quickly are you able to make your mind up about the coffee you drink daily?

When you know what you like and enjoy, you make quicker choices. If you are unable to make choices, it is an indication you have not truly discovered what you like, therefore when you go to make a choice your brain is searching for more information. Welcome confusion.

Know what beans you enjoy and like, insures you will appreciate the coffee you brew.


#3 Use Cold Clean Water and Fresh Ground Beans

Good Stock and Sharp Tools

Cold clean water is the first ingredients for a good cup of coffee, no matter what variety you like to drink.  Second, is grinding your beans so they produce the kind of coffee that satisfies your palate.

A fresh pot of French press requires a totally different grind than an Espresso.  Are you trying to produce a cup of intense Espresso, with a coarse grind designed for the French Press?

Being knowledgeable and willing to use “just the tools and materials” you need for that cup of coffee is significant.

Are you using cold clean water? =   Are you making clear simple decisions?

Do you use sharp tools to grind your beans? =   Are you operating from an organized strategy that align to your business objectives?

Have you produced a good cup of coffee? =   Have you generated profits for your business?

Amazing how close a good cup of coffee is to a well run and profitable business when you look for the lessons in the cup.  Which actions will you take after recognizing why your cup of coffee is turning out a cold bitter brew?  Will you consult with Michele on crafting your business a solid social communication strategy, or will you hire her to help you improve your credibility and trust during your media interviews?

Remember what Jim Rohn shared is still very much a truth — “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Which will you find?


Is that a French Press or an Espresso you want to drink?


Michele Price is a high energy, straight talking speaker, radio host and media/publicity/marketing strategist for small business/authors/speakers.  As the voice of  Breakthrough Business Strategies radio,  Michele created a communication hub for businesses globally.  She is the founder of #Speakchat a social media chat for the speaker/author community. Hire Michele to speak to your organization on where and why online communications drives your business recognition, as well as sales in your business today.


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