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What the H^&* is UnMarketing you ask?

And who the H^&* is Scott Stratten?

These are the questions I get here locally on the third coast of Houston Texas when I talk about the guests on Breakthrough Business Strategies.  That’s ok since my job is to expose them to these brilliant minds and bring them up to speed with what will help their businesses grow.

Scott and I both started tweeting heavily Winter 2008.  I had just started Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio under a different name (learned better branding).  I have to give Scott he took Twitter to a whole other level.  Scott is right.  When you engage online you get followers.  That first year I engaged HEAVILY and so did Scott and we got lot’s of followers.  We both also learned a hard lesson about tweeting and following.  We both stop auto following within a couple of months of each other.  Call is disgust, call it whatever you want AND we wanted to have folks who engaged with us that we followed.  So I dumped about 15-16,000 followers and went slower. Scott in his usual self blasted folks with a rant and then explained why he changed his choice of following as well.

What you will learn from listening to Scott today on Breakthrough Business Strategies is that we will talk about the down and dirty of not just what is in his book UnMarketing, but what has been his journey to get him where he is today.

Remember that great quote by Tony Robbins (now, did you think I could go a week without quoting him) “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

I am gonna ask Scott to share that story.  That’s where you will learn the most (well, after you read his book of course-shameless plug).

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I was amazed when Scott shared his Mindmap on how he went about writing his book.  I love using Mindmaps and here is his (learn form it)

If you have not learned to work with Mindmaps to simplify your actions, goals and execution in your business then let’s talk.

What you might learn in Unmarketing

(hey if you don’t read it then how can ya learn it)

  • **Reaching Buyers
  • **Closing the Trust Gap
  • **Fishing for Trout VS Catfish
  • **Undercover UnMarketing
  • **UnNetworking

I can promise you it will be fun, irreverent and UNforgetable ROFLMAO!  See ya on air or in-Tweet! (make sure you use #BBSradio so we find ya)


Each week for the past year and a half I was asked

by business owner after business owner…


J Yamasaki Michele Price

“How Can I Raise My Visibility?”


…and get more business. It took me a while to realize that I had the answer all along (Ok, sometimes I am fast and other times a little slower).

Your weekly “Breakthrough Strategies Business Showcase Interview” is how you can raise your visibility and get more business.  How you ask?  Happy to share with you.

  • Halo Effect-Being Branded on same Show as High Profile Experts
  • PR-releasing your appearance is one of top ways to build credibility
  • Re-purpose interview, add to your blog or send out to prospects/clients
  • SEO-Michele gets front page rankings with her shows-you can too!
  • Building Your Know, Like & Trust factor when people can “hear” a powerful touch point
  • Longevity, unlike traditional radio-online stays there forever VS hear at 6:30am then gone 3min later

I have been blessed since childhood the skill and talent of being an interviewer.  Being  the kid who sat around the grown-ups and asked all the in depth questions about family history-or what it was like when they were a kid, teenager, newly married etc…Now I can help you be positioned to sound smart, ingenious and powerful because I have taken my skills to that level and make sure you receive the benefit when I interview you.

Call me 832-746-5131 or email me thebreakthroughspecialist@gmail.com and let’s set up your sponsored segment created get you interviewed. So you will be receiving recognition online and offline today.

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Women In Business Radio

Was birthed Labor day Sept. 6, 2010. You made it a fantastic success. Thank you.

Our first guest was Karen McCullough, author of The Seven Women Project. (read more here<<<) Here is that week’s interview, you will love it.

Then we had Dr. Laureen Wishom, founder of the Global Association of High Acheiving Women will share with us her insights on “Stages of Fear Associated in the Business Life Cycle”.

You can hear her interview here <<CLICK

This wee we are spotlighting Marisol Baxter Graham, Baxter Graham Design a women owned and operated design firm.  Marisol created the designes for Women In Business Logo’s that we are asking listeners to vote on.

Today you will hear Marisol’s story and what has been her journey to get where she is today in her business.  Besides great design, you want to know more about who you are doing business with and that’s one of the things we give you on Women In Business Radio.

Marisol Baxter Graham

Listening to women all year at conferences, networking events and during one on ones a consistent message came through loud and clear…women want a way to have their own “Good Ole Gal Network” they can rely on to grow their businesses through WOM (word of mouth) relationship building networks.

When was the last time you thought about collaborating with another woman

in business for your team?

With women being the fastest growing segment of businesses started now for over ten years let’s look at some of those numbers.

  • There were an estimated 10.4 million privately-held firms;
  • This accounted for two in five (40.2%) of all businesses in the country; and
  • These firms generated $1.9 trillion in annual sales and employed 12.8 million people nationwide.

Women In Business Traits vs Men

Another surprising insight is that women are considered to be more HONEST than men in business. In a day and age when consumers are looking to align their purchase power and buying dollars with businesses that deal with them in a more ethical manner, things are looking up for women in business today.

Women In Business Radio is forming around the mission to be the communication hub to that everyday local business women who plays a very important role in our economic vitality in each city across America.

We are creating a blog right now for this new show and if you know a women who we can interview on Women In Business Radio then email Michele at TheBreakthroughSpecialist@gmail(dot)com with Women In Business Radio in the subject line and introduce us to who you know or want us to give coverage to on Women In Business Radio.

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