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Michele works with leadership teams who are ready to utilize entrepreneurial thinking to create profitable solutions for their NextGen customers. 

Michele Delivers

Futurist and Behavorial Talks For Leadership, Culture, and Performance.

Every talk is tailored to your audience to give them "what matters" right then, and the ability to recognize the influences of "what's coming."


We live in an era where customers, professionals, and businesses are increasingly influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies when making decisions.

Disruptive results partially caused by AI inclusion in marketing, finance, supply chains and more are pushing many of us to ask difficult questions about the path and goals we need to better understand. 

Uncover how applying entrepreneurial thinking gives your team the edge in a world being transformed by Artifical Intelligence.


In an age of rapidly accelerating technology, embracing the mindset skills, and image of a modern leader can seem unreachable.  


Because of our habits and routines. The patterns, the ebb and flow of opportunities rarely work IN your favor. Business cycles often switch between bullish and bearish, giving you indicators of up or down progress and performance.  

What's often not discussed is how to lead or maneuver during a stall (a holding pattern). 


“Many companies are not actually designed to thrive. They've achieved their success from one BIG breakthrough product, and then stumble or fall when the fury of change slaps them upside their head!”  

Roadmaps to bias-free innovation and reinvention begin with sessions where teams brainstorm and prototype. 

Imagine your audience being able to harness their new, data-driven mindset, leading your company into an impactful and profitable digital transformation.


In a time where ethics and artifical intelligence battle it out on our busines field, identifying how to align our actions as leaders.

(more to come)


Developing another deep, thoughtful, and action oriented message using pracical wisdom.

(Stay tuned)


When combining neurologictics and applied wisdom, you create regenerative results.

(details being created)

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Each dynamic presentation is customized to align with your meeting’s objectives. Michele will make you think, question, chuckle, and transform how you lead. 


Delightful stories hold inside them actionable steps, giving your team a place to start.


Activating playfulness in the mind unleashes thoughts your team can use to create innovative solutions. 


Showing how questions aligned with desired results, produce smarter outcomes for NextGen Customers .

What Others Are Saying

“Michele is both a diligent and dynamic speaker/radio host. 

Her presentations/broadcasts are practical and powerful tools to help people sharpen both their inner and outer game of business.”

Liz Wiseman, NY Times Best Selling Author & Executive Advisor

"Michele is audience-focused, constantly returning to what people can gain, what people can use right after the event is over.”

Todd B. Kashdan, scientist, public speaker, and professor of psychology at George Mason University

Meet Michele Price

Michele transforms teams to win NextGen Customers. 

With a captivating combination of avant-garde research, in-depth interviews, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Michele’s foreword-thinking insights help business leaders recognize and release their current and approaching potential.

Michele has a solid background in communications leading businesses all the way back to the tender age of 23, her 30+ year entrepreneurial journey serves as a guidebook for Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. Inspiring teams to "put into action" what they have learned.  

She is a master communicator and has worked with CEOs and founders helping them to master their delivery skills on stage in pitches, in front of the mic during media interviews, and developing them as solid leaders who balance tech VS humanity attracting NextGen customers.  


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